Whale Hunter

Winning Major Relationships by

Staying Connected Until Decision Time

The Thrill of Victory, Not the Agony...

You’ve discovered an ideal person, someone who can be important, whether as client, employee, channel-partner or associate. But there will be no short-term decision. Time passes, and we learn that our opportunity went elsewhere. There is a dynamic antidote.

Return on Investment...Spectacular

Costs include original campaign creation, typically in the same range as graphic design for printing or web applications. Setup and monthly costs for the system are low. You might spend $10 or so per whale — but conversion of even one per year will provide excellent ROI, obviously.

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www.Enfront.com/WhaleHunter is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System

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The Whale Hunter is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.


The Good News… Competitive Edge

You are maintaining Memory of Value via innovative technology that is not widely known. The odds are excellent that you will be the last competitor standing when decision time arrives. Enfront will partner with you in developing the right combination of content and campaign timing.

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The Enemies are Many and Well Known

It’s a noisy marketplace. Competitors are in play. Life gets in the way. Other alternatives vie for attention. Finally, though, the deal-killers are three:  Time, Human Memory, and lack of Infrastructure that supports long-term contact

The Answer: Online, At-Your-Fingertips

Your customized value story, ready to be told over weeks or months, using postcards, letters, email or 3D mail.  Register your prospects, one by one, select your campaign...the rest happens automatically and includes status reminder emails.    System Video