Energizing Person-to-Person Communication

with those Important to Your Success

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Your Enfront account is online, on-demand, ready to generate the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time. It provides infrastructure that lets important communication happen, despite the “tyranny of the urgent.” Your multiple output choices include email but also alternatives that address growing concern about email overload.

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Five Fundamental Micro-Touches

1. Introduction to a target ideal client; high-potential, but doesn’t know you yet in a doing-business sense.

2. Follow-up with a high-potential “newly met” (via networking, social media, event, referral or inbound) to deepen relationships that, too often, fade quickly.

3. Convert at-risk prospects via Memory of Value contact during a long decision cycle.

4a. Welcome new clients and gauge satisfaction.

4b. Maintain client loyalty via Memory of Value contact with key clients

5. Enjoy the fruits of loyalty via systematic up-sell, cross-sell and referral gathering.





The Small Business Communicator is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.

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Based on Marketing’s Universal Truth

There are a thousand experts and a thousand opinions on small business marketing. Fads come and go. But this truth is universal, verified by observation and academic studies: The key to long-term success is systematically building and maintaining client loyalty.

Turnkey System or Focused Project

For startups or early stage companies the system fills multiple key roles including CRM, infrastructure for important communication and systematic approach to loyalty building. The Five Keys (below) are core fundamentals.

Established companies might begin with a single focused project that represents a current weakness or a new opportunity. Five-Key Micro can provide a menu.

Other Micro-Marketing Examples

- Lost client recovery

- Underperforming client focus

- Influencer marketing

- Employee morale

Ongoing Ideas and Support

The Enfront system includes pre-prepared basics (Thank You, Great to Meet, Welcome, etc.) and the Team shares new ideas for relationship and revenue building.