Tools of Sales Management

Goals can be set and activity monitored via Enfront’s integrated DataManager. A management account can become a tool for communication to the sales team regarding products and programs. You can also communicate one-to-one to motivate, congratulate, even recruit new team members.

New Capability, Multiple High-Potential Uses

The Enfront system, tailored for Sales Teams, supports person-to-person communication with high-potential recipients: Those we want to meet, those we’ve just met, active but delaying prospects, and established clients. Invest 2:59 in a system video that shows why this can be a game-changer.


The Whale Hunter

The goal is identification of potential major relationships and long-term, value-based follow-up that assures your sales person is the likely winner at decision time. Enfront campaigns continue for weeks or months, deliver automatically, but engage the sales person via reminder emails.

Conversion of High-Potential Delaying Prospects.

This time the campaign strategy is “blitz,” staying in active touch with at-risk prospects, normally for a few days or weeks. The Enfront innovation is Memory of Value content delivered in multiple forms (calls and emails won’t do it!) Excellent chance for competitive edge and strong ROI.

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Turning Cold Calls into Warm Calls

If your sales team is responsible to develop leads through research, or if inbound leads are not ready for immediate direct contact, Enfront can warm the relationship, sometimes by value content, sometimes by an appealing — even humorous — personal message. All Enfront physical products including 3-Dimensional mail can be put to work.



______________ is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.



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Explore Capabilities, Find Cool Stuff… and Let’s Talk

Micro-Marketing allows you to prioritize a high-potential solution, test it, put it to work, and consider another project. It’s a different gig. A quick look and swift decision can be major opportunity missed. As soon as you spot a potential winner for your team, HIT THE GO BUTTON! It’s worth talking, guaranteed.

< Time to hit GO?

Okay — it may be a great time to hit GO! You’ll be pleasantly astounded by pricing, so no worries about a budget-buster.



New Client On-boarding and Ongoing Contact

A WELCOME message is a solid first-step toward high-side delight loyalty building. It can be from sales person and/or top management. The touch can offer a feedback opportunity. Later client touches can appreciate (e.g. Thanksgiving greeting) or actively up-sell, cross-sell and referral gather.


Competitor A

Alternatives or Delay

Competitor B

Improving Sales Team Results

One Producer at a Time

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Nurturing Newly Met Leads

In today’s busy and noisy marketplace, the shelf-life of a newly met lead is short, whether from networking, LinkedIn/SM, referral or inbound marketing. Enfront campaigns can follow-up swiftly and can be tailored to specific product interests and to assessed value of the lead.

   - Note: Enfront has done focused work in Trade Show follow-up


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