Energizing Person-to-Person Communication that

Builds and Maintains Long-Term Loyalty

Technology Giving You Results and Convenience

The system is online, ready on-demand.  Communicate via email, but also postcards, letters and 3D mail that address growing resistance to email overload. Communicate immediately or at pre-defined future dates. All production is handled for you. Minimum order quantity is ONE! And quick-start templates are provided for you.

Your Person-to-Person Communication Tool

Micro-marketing has no higher purpose than an important role in your loyalty building. It can convey caring professionalism and can be part of the high-side delight that earns repeat business and referrals.

Importance that Cannot be Over-Emphasized

One of marketing’s few universal truths:  earned loyalty is the key to long-term success—proven by academic studies and marketplace observation. The short explanation: loyal clients repurchase and refer; cost of service is lower; impact of economic downturns is cushioned. 

Playing Defense. Avoiding the Biggest Error

Two-thirds of client loss results from neglect not dissatisfaction. Why? Under-communication with valued clients leaves them vulnerable to competitors who are highly focused on stealing them. Buying the insurance of client-loyalty communication is as fundamental as buying insurance on valued property.


Harvesting the Fruits of Loyalty: Retention, Repurchase, Referrals, Up-sell, Cross-sell

Communication touches that maintain contact can also seek referrals and repeat business via up-sell and cross-sell. Return on investment multiplies.




www.Enfront.com/Loyalty, The Loyalty Builder, is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.



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For as little as $175, and within 72 hours, you will be able to: Welcome New Clients, Say Thank You for an Order, Express Gratitude for Long-Term Relationships, Up-sell, Cross-sell, Ask for a Referral, Say Thank You for a Referral, Send a Mini-Newsletter to Valued Clients, Wish Happy Birthday, Say Happy Anniversary of Purchase, Say Congratulations for a Life Event, Invite a Lapsed Client to Return… and MORE!

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A Classic Individual Journey

Individuals become loyal one-at-a-time based on personal response to personal experience. Loyalty can be strengthened, can weaken, and can be lost, all based on personal experience. Timely communication is a vital ingredient.