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A Program to Build and Protect Dealer Loyalty,

PLUS Up-sell, Cross-Sell and Referral Gathering

Powerful! Economical. Easily Installed.

Here is a serious game-changer that you can implement swiftly. Cost is a tiny fraction of your promotional budget. Results and ROI will be outstanding.

And it is a flexible tool, usable in other ways later.

Before We Start… Our Five Minute Warranty

Five minutes of exploration will show you a loyalty program that delivers far more: Sales team support/morale, dealer protection of relationship, up-sell, cross-sell and referral, competitive edge.

Touch 1, Immediately after the Sale

Personalized jumbo postcard, from the sales person, but primary branding is the dealership. Sales person’s appreciation, soft-mention of referrals, cross-sell of service department. Additional first-year touches can be added, based on dealership goals.   Preview

Touch 2, First Anniversary of Purchase

Postcard including photo and message of original sales person… who is enjoying a strong selling tool and dealer-provided benefit. (See below regarding possibility of departure.) Messaging can be direct request for referrals as well as beginning discussion about another purchase.

Touch 3-6, Anniversaries of Purchase

Postcard from original selling sales person, unless has left the dealership. If departed, a replacement sales person or a house-account representative becomes the messenger; a benefit to the new communicator and a step toward relationship protection for the dealer. Messaging is increasingly stronger up-sell. Content is easily updated to present latest models.   Preview All Three Touches


Return on Investment … Strong

A client loyalty program. A strong competitive step. Side benefits include sales person morale, a dealer recruiting tool, and proactive loyalty maintenance by the dealer. The most direct benefit is up-sell, cross-sell, referral gathering where every dollar is highly focused on existing relationship.


Exclusivity / Next Step

Enfront seeks the opportunity to work with major auto industry players on an exclusive basis—providing competitive edge. To explore this program, please contact Bill Corbin, Enfront president:

317-218-8254      bcorbin@enfront.com      317-691-1043(m)


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