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Is my data secure?

Enfront operates with normal cloud-based security such as firewalls, secure servers and multiple backups. No data more sensitive than birth date are collected. Enfront agrees by Terms & Conditions to make no use of your contact information except as you have specifically directed by selection of programs.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No. Your selected fee pre-payment is non-refundable, but there is no ongoing requirement.

What does it take to get started.

Sign-up. Forward data including name, address, and birthdate. (Include phone if you’d like it included in your automatic reminder email.) Enfront handles everything.

Can my “senders” do other things?

Yes — this will be the full version of the Enfront system and users can be empowered to create a variety of communications. Contact us when ready.

Can Multiple Planners Participate

Multiple planners within a firm can operate within the same account. There is a single funds balance that is shared. System reporting tracks all activity by individual, allowing you to allocate costs.

Can we have our own custom system?

It is simple to upload custom content. You can also expand the system into additional uses, including a enterprise capability that can support multiple offices.

How is money handled?

You make an initial deposit (per price list) that includes setups and an initial operating funds balance. The system debits this balance for individual cards and any related fees. You replenish online via credit card as needed. The system forecasts usage and warns of upcoming need to replenish.