click here >

For Join.Me “easy link” (no 9 digit code)

Click Join Via Browser at far right if given a choice of steps

Do NOT need to launch application. If get a browser window, X the box off



click >  If using 9-digit login code: 

Then enter code in the Join Meeting arrow,

or can direct access via link on webinar invitation.


If skipping Join.Me audio, or technical problems:

We will arrange to call you,  or call us:

Landline:  317-218-8254

Cell:         317-691-1043


Optional Webcam:

Hover mouse over your “Participant Circle”

Click camera icon


Shortcut to Join.Me Webinar


Audio (if using Join.Me audio)

Click the telephone icon, left side of Join.Me console


If using headset, “Call Via Internet”

For phone, follow prompts after “Call by Phone”

To mute, if feedback problems

Click Microphone icon beside your “Participant Circle”

Another click un-mutes