Converting Your Trade Show Investment

into Active Prospects and New Clients

Improved Follow-Up Represents Real Opportunity

- Only 3% of attendees intend to make a purchase at the event

- 45% of qualified attendees will buy within a year

- Nearly 80% of exhibitors admit to ineffective follow-up, translating to a major opportunity for competitive edge.



Trade Show Marketing is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.


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Enfront’s Value: Addressing Trade Show Reality

Practical matter, execution of long-term, multi-touch campaigns simply does not happen for most busy sales people. Sales efforts are also hampered by growing resistance to both email and telephone as follow-up methods. Enfront addresses these realities with practical solutions.

lack of time and infrastructurelack of time and infrastructure

The Winning Strategy: Memory of Your Value

The trade show can be a blur. It’s important to re-engage quickly, with reminders of your value. And the eventual competitive winner, perhaps months later, has done the best job of maintaining Memory of Value. Your Enfront campaigns will be value-based, reinforcing sales-team efforts to earn presentations and client conversion.

How We Launch

1. A planning meeting to discuss your event goals and strategy for qualifying leads. This session defines your campaigns, e.g. A-B-C level.

2. Your “value content” is adapted for the Enfront system.

3. Enfront pre-loads your account with campaigns, per your plan.

4. Immediately after the show, captured data is loaded into the Enfront system and campaigns begin, launched for you by Enfront.

Enfront Follow-Up: Immediate and Long-Term Action

- We partner to preplan your follow-up messaging and load it into the system

- Messaging is custom, telling your value story: reasons you are the right choice.

- We sync with your booth team’s data capture system to identify high-potential leads

- Immediately after the event, Enfront launches your re-engagement campaign

- We then deliver follow-up contact for weeks or months, depending on potential.

- Output choices include postcards and letters as well as email.

- Your sales team is engaged via email reminders of campaign status.

       All elements of this process are automatic, handled for you.

Battling the Blur—a Focused, Quality-Based Strategy

Too often, trade shows are a collision of blurs: The booth team feels like traffic cops in downtown Rome; attendees have been bombarded with information and activities. The Enfront strategy aims at assuring that the high-value reason for exhibiting is not blurred. There are seriously interested visitors who are high potential leads.