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Terms and Conditions for Users

Revised 02-13-2017


Purpose: In many installations of the Enfront Marketing System, Users contract with a third-party Consultant to plan and execute marketing programs. These terms and conditions include the User-Consultant relationship.

Changes: Enfront may amend these Terms and Conditions without notice; such change to be promptly posted on these pages, and accessible to User. User agrees to be bound by any such changes, including† changes in pricing.

Money Flow / Suspension of Account / Refunds: User understands that Enfront automatically charges Userís operating cash balance for products and features that are utilized, and for recurring monthly charges for software usage. Any monthly charges are billed on a ďrollingĒ basis. If sign-up is the 15th of the month, the following monthís withdrawal will be on the 15th. If on a 31st day, withdrawal will be on the 30th of a 30 day month. In some instances, minimum monthly activity requirements are established which are calculated based on calendar month activity; 1st day of month to last.

It is Userís responsibility to maintain a positive cash balance, and User understands that Enfront will suspend all activity including execution of campaigns if the funds balance is depleted. In the case of suspension, monthly fees will also be suspended pending account re-activation.

User understands that Enfront will not refund monies deposited for use in Enfront-related marketing. After six months (180 days) of User inactivity, Enfront may declare the Userís account terminated and may remove any contents including graphics, text and contact data without notice to User and without refund of monies or return of content.

Usage / Information Protection: Enfront agrees that no commercial use will be made of Userís uploaded content including graphics, text, and contact data, outside of the normal execution of Enfront-related programs. Enfront takes the following steps to seek security of content on behalf of Users: utilization of secured servers, meaning that data transfer is in encrypted form; mirrored back-up on Enfront servers and nightly back-up off premises.

Nonetheless, User understands and agrees that security breaches are possible, as evidenced by successful hacks of high-security government installations. User agrees to hold Enfront harmless from any consequences that might arise out of such security breach including misuse of data and graphic files that might accrue to the benefit of a competitor.

User also acknowledges the possibility of loss or corruption of data or graphic files, and User agrees to maintain on-site backups as an additional precaution. Enfrontís DataManagerís CSV save option is an available resource (under Action / Select Contact Group /).

Use of Consultant: In the event that User uses a third-party Consultant (often referred to as an Enfront Authorized Consultant Partner or similar functional description), User hereby grants said Consultant full access to Userís content and programs. Consultantís Terms and Conditions require all actions to be in compliance with Userís intent and directions; however, User agrees to hold Enfront harmless from any consequences arising out of Consultantís failure to achieve Userís marketing objectives or other performance expectations; or any losses arising from Consultantís misuse of Userís content, programs, or funds, including any funds advanced to Consultant for the purpose of future performance of any kind.

User understands that Consultant will earn commissions from Enfront on products and services used directly through the Enfront marketing system.

User understands that Consultant and User may contract directly for services such as creative design or administrative management of projects. User may also contract directly with Enfront Authorized Content Partners, and Enfront does not guarantee satisfaction with said transactions.

Consultant may also secure, on Userís behalf, services from third party vendors, some based on listing of these vendors as ďResources-PartnersĒ on Enfront-operated websites. Any such transactions will involve you as User, Consultant, and vendor, and Enfront will not be involved in the transaction nor responsible for its outcome in any way.

Damages and Performance Shortfall: User understands that Enfront is providing various software services and that said software may include operational flaws that may affect quality of output and safety of content including data. Enfrontís production and distribution methods may encounter difficulties that affect desired quality or timeliness. User holds Enfront harmless from monetary consequences, actual or perceived, of such difficulties, beyond the retail value of any specific project affected by said flaw. For more on this provision, refer to General Terms & Conditions.

Private Branded Versions of the Enfront Marketing System: All Terms and Conditions are valid without regard to the brand name being used by an Enfront Development Partner that has sponsored a targeted usage of the Enfront system. User acknowledges that the private brand sponsor bears no responsibility for the operational or marketplace performance of the Enfront system, and User holds the private brand sponsor harmless from any actual or perceived damages related to Userís participation in the Enfront marketing system.

Enfront Production Policy: Orders are processed as soon as production allows, often the following day, but User should not assume a specific lapse between order placement and any attempted cancellation.

Order Cancellation: Web-to-print orders are not cancellable once placed. Account may contact Enfront to attempt to halt mailed delivery. However halting delivery may not be possible, and no refund for the order will be issued because of administrative time/cost related to achieving cancellation, if possible at all.

Additional Relevant Terms and Conditions: Participants are further bound by the Terms of specific Enfront services and the General Terms and Conditions including the introductory page.

Perceived inappropriate use of the Enfront Suite may be forwarded to the above address or to, including performance by Consultants, Designers, or Vendors; and business conduct of Users. Enfront will investigate vigorously and contact you after investigation.


These Terms and Conditions presented by:

William G. Corbin, President

1950 E Greyhound Pass, Ste 18-121, Carmel, IN 46033






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