Important: Your login and use as any category “Participant” in the Enfront marketing system indicates agreement with relevant Terms and Conditions including updates that may be made from time to time. Updates will be posted on this page for easy reference. Please visit regularly to assure ongoing awareness of current Terms and Conditions and Policies, which represent the entire agreement between you and Enfront and supersede any previous representations, either written or verbal.

The Participants:

“User” (sometimes called Account): The individual or organization intending to disseminate information via the Enfront marketing system, including any employees or associates empowered to utilize system features.

“Consultant”: Any third party advisor, including Enfront “Authorized Consultant Partners” or "Authorized Solution Providers" or “Resellers” who assists user in any or all of these system functions: planning for use; organizing and archiving recipient data; uploading content; actively executing communication campaigns.

“Development Partner”: An independent entity that brings focused expertise utilized by Enfront to tailor a version of the system to deliver that expertise, normally as an entrepreneurial venture in which revenues are shared.

“Content Partner”: An independent resource for graphic design, word-crafting, photography, or other marketing content that is utilized in the Enfront suite of marketing products.

“Resource Partner”: Any third party vendor of marketing-related products or services that is presented via Enfront’s system as potential marketing support partners.

Private Brand Partner”: An organization for whom the Enfront marketing system is tailored for the exclusive use of Accounts and Users affiliated with the Private Brand Partner’s organization or sphere of influence.

“Vendor Partner”: The provider of a physical product distributed via orders placed through the Enfront system, including users of the Postcard Gift Box.

General Terms: General terms apply to all Participants and should be reviewed carefully, along with the Terms applicable to a single category of Participant.

All Participants are independent contractors. The term “partner” indicates only a desired cooperative effort in achieving affordable marketing excellence, and suggests no ability to bind Enfront legally beyond the clear limitations of these terms and conditions.  Enfront bears no responsibility for the outcome of direct transactions among these independent entities or their end-user customers.

The disclaimers and limitations detailed herein apply to all partner categories in regard to performance and user expectation of results.

“Marketing” is a general purpose term herein that may include a broad variety of targeted communication, e.g. human resources, personal communication by individuals; and general communication by non-profits.

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- Effective 1-30-09, secured all rights to the software and brand names that comprise the Enfront marketing suite. The former owner, UN Communications, Inc., has transferred all rights and obligations to

- Effective 05-12-09, Resource Partner's liability clarified including potential problems with products or services; Messages quality limits clarified regarding being a "pleasing" color system.

- Effective 08-17-09, clarification that a Consultant must maintain an active System account for his/her own use; and must remain active to collect ongoing commissions.

- 8-29-09 increase in size of a prospective account before its necessary to seek prior approval to pursue: 10 account units /100 users.

- 4-8-10 Clarification of Privacy Policies

- 8-28-10 Prepayment requirement for future campaign delivery. Addition of Vendor Partner as a category. Enfront’s right to sell directly to national accounts.

-12-21-10 Clarification of account suspension policy and complete account termination.

-06-16-11 Reseller/Consultant role and commission structure and payment schedule. Reseller termination and potential loss of client relationship.

- 07-01-11 Reseller/Consultant requirement to maintain active relationship and ability to transfer rights.

- 10-21-11 Product quality may not meet some users’ expectations because digital printing is a pleasing color process, and jpeg graphics may not print as smoothly as other art types. Both relate to Enfront’s production promise in terms of timing and minimum order one.

- 3-4-12 Addition of Development Partner to this page and clarification of partner limitations of liability.

- 12-26-12. Clarification that Enfront bears no responsibility for the consequences of mailing delays related to Post Office performance.

- 8-25-13.  Requirement for Permission form if account will be handled third-party by Consultant. Clarification that Enfront is not responsible for misuse of funds advanced to Consultant Partner.

- 2-13-2017.  General update of addresses, contact information, obsolete terminology.

Archived Change Summary

Terms and Conditions apply without regard to masthead (private) brand of Participants’ programs. Brands include but are not limited to XpressMessages and the Enfront Marketing System including CPMDataManager,,,,,,

Perceived inappropriate use of the Enfront Suite may be forwarded to Enfront, 1425 Chase Ct., Carmel, IN 46032 or, including performance by Consultants, Designers, or Vendors; and business conduct of Users. Enfront will investigate vigorously and contact you after investigation.

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