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Resource Partner [Vendor]  Revised 01-30-09
Role: Vendors are providers of products or services that Enfront believes adds power to the Client Path Marketing concept. Vendors may be specialists that support one aspect of Client Path Marketing, e.g. sales training, loyalty building; or may provide services that encompass more than one facet of the Path.
Authorized Vendors will be included in appropriate Enfront listings, and contact information will be made available at Enfront’s discretion. In most cases, Vendors will be directly contacted by Enfront Solutions Providers (“Consultants” in these Terms and Conditions). If business logic indicates that direct contact by Users is preferable, Enfront and Vendor may negotiate this arrangement.
Vendor recognizes that all Participants in the Enfront system are independent contractors, that invoicing will be direct to Vendor’s customer, and that Enfront accepts no responsibility for the outcome of transactions including timely payment for services; hence Vendor should use prudent and legal policies related to credit and collection, including the Fair Debt Reporting Act of the United States Government and other related national, state and local government agencies.
Vendor is an independent business entity, and the term “Partner” implies no legal, ownership, or employment  relationship with Enfront beyond that defined in this agreement.  
Suitability of Goods and Services: Vendor attests that all goods and services are of quality and durability, consistent with Participants' expectations; are free and clear of any legal encumbrance including copyright, trademark and patent; are in full compliance with state and federal regulations including but not limited to any issues related to the personal health and safety of users or well-being of their property.
Acceptance of Liability: Vendor accepts full responsibility for any and all damages caused during normal and reasonable use of vendor's product or service, including damages to end users or costs incurred by Enfront related to recompense to Participants or legal costs incurred in the investigation or defense of claims made related to Vendor's products or services.
Responsibility / Payments: Vendor recognizes that satisfaction with performance is a key ingredient of Enfront’s marketing system, and Vendor pledges to make every reasonable effort to avoid the dissatisfaction of any Participant who utilizes Vendor’s offerings. Any pattern of dissatisfaction, or any action that diminishes the good name of Enfront, will be grounds for immediate termination of relationship.
Vendor will notify Enfront immediately regarding any material change in content of offerings or any change in price. Enfront expects that pricing and services will not change until notice has been sent to info@enfront.com, and receipt of notice has been confirmed by Enfront.
Vendor will maintain adequate inventories of offered products to assure timely delivery to Enfront participants. Any inventory issues that affect service capability will be communicated to Enfront immediately and will be remedied with all possible haste. As necessary to assure participant satisfaction, Vendor will communicate directly with participants regarding order status; such communication to be directed by Enfront.
Vendor’s involvement may include negotiated commission payments, and Vendor will make any such payments on a prompt basis, not to exceed the 10th day of the month following the related transaction(s).
Titles, Branding, Trademarks: Vendor will be recognized as an “Authorized Resource Partner” of Enfront and will display the Enfront logo with the words “Authorized Resource Partner” in any presentation of elements of the Enfront marketing Suite.
In any marketing utilization of Client Path Marketing, Vendor will assure that the following phrase is clearly presented: Client Path Marketing is a registered trademark of Enfront.inc.
Compliance: Vendor will comply with all state and federal laws, including relevant sales tax responsibilities. 
Confidentiality: Vendor’s relationship with Enfront will reveal various plans, programs, and protocols that are considered protected intellectual property.  Vendor agrees, both during and after affiliation with Enfront, to divulge no information that might be used to advantage by an Enfront competitor. 
Competition: Enfront is extending participation rights on the basis that Vendor will operate as part of Enfront’s Client Path Marketing strategy as it serves Enfront Users. Vendor will not create a similar multi-phase marketing system that becomes competitive with Enfront’s overall purpose.  
Termination: This agreement may be terminated by either party with 30 day’s notice, however unfinished projects pursuant to this agreement shall be completed on a timely and professional basis. Vendor’s termination by Enfront may be immediate if based on clear and detrimental violation of the terms of this agreement.
Additional Relevant Terms and Conditions: Participants are further bound by the Terms of specific Enfront services and the General Terms and Conditions including the introductory page.
Questions or issues related to these Terms should be addressed to Enfront, Inc., 1425 Chase Ct., Carmel, IN 46032. 
Perceived inappropriate use of the Enfront Suite may be forwarded to the above address or to abuse@enfront.com, including performance by Consultants, Designers, or Vendors; and business conduct of Users. Enfront will investigate vigorously and contact you after investigation.
These Terms and Conditions presented by:
William G. Corbin, President
1950 E Greyhound Pass, Ste 18-121, Carmel, IN 46033

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