Text Box: Privacy Statement
Revised 08-29-14

Enfront respects your privacy and seeks to fully inform you about use of information that is received and archived by Enfront.
Intent of Exclusive Use: Enfront will not use any uploaded marketing content, i.e. graphics or text, for any reason other than the routine archiving of that content and execution of marketing communication as directed by Participants.  Enfront will make no use of Participantsí contact lists other than support of the communication initiated by Participants in the normal use of the system. In no case will Enfront sell, rent, or otherwise distribute information archived by Participants in the normal use of the system.
Security of Participant Contact Data: Enfront utilizes secure server protocols (https://) in moving and archiving contact information. This protocol encrypts data, making it unreadable by outside parties during transfer. Archived data is maintained behind a corporate firewall and is password protected. 
Passwords: All passwords are encrypted and cannot be seen by Enfront employees or any other party. Lost password requests result in forwarding a temporary password to the email address of record for Participantís account. Participants are expected to take appropriate precaution to prevent unauthorized use of the system through misuse by any party.
Access to Accounts: Certain Enfront employees can access Participantsí account for purposes of troubleshooting, training or client-requested administration. This access includes uploaded data and content, and activation of marketing communication.  These employees are carefully trained in regard to the importance of privacy and avoidance of usage not specifically authorized by Participants.
User Statistics: The Enfront system records and maintains all transactions made as part of the system and these transactions are tabulated for various activity accounting reporting purposes. No use is made of the details of any Participantís specific marketing communication without Participantís approval.

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Legal Cooperation: Enfront will provide access to content to legitimate enforcers of criminal or commercial laws, including perceived violation of US Post Office regulations.

Website Visitors: Enfront uses standard traffic statistics to analyze website visits. Data includes source of the website link, browser, and pages visited. No use is made of this information at the individual visitor level, rather we use the information to analyze our own marketing efforts and to improve the website experience.

Sensitive Data: Information such as credit card numbers is protected in transmission through use of encryption.

Information Requests: Various parts of the Enfront marketing system include sign-up opportunities related to securing information or becoming an Enfront Participant. This data is archived and may be used for appropriate marketing follow-up or for interaction with Enfront participants. Enfront will immediately cease marketing communication with any party upon an emailed request to info@enfront.com. Communication with Enfront Participants is viewed as integral to doing business and this communication will cease only with Participantís formal cancellation of the Enfront account.

Third-Party Marketing Resources: Enfront works with selected independent third party vendors. Enfront does not provide direct access to Enfront Participants; rather Participants must initiate contact. Enfront does not control the privacy policies of such Resources, and Participants should review relevant policies in addition to normal due diligence in the selection of an independent vendor.

Tracking Email Response to Enfront Powered Campaigns: Enfront uses embedded graphics that bounce-back the fact that email is opened. This bounce-back information allows the email initiator to be aware of individual email openings.† Recipeints can Unsubscribe at any time.

Cookies: Enfront may enter ďcookiesĒ in your browserís folder system. These cookies allow us to monitor your subsequent interactions with the Enfront marketing system, for example verifying the validity of your login status. Cookies can be eliminated as an Internet browser option.

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