Terms and Conditions for

Participants Using DataManager  [Revised 01-30-09]


Usage: DataManager is intended to support targeted marketing communication of businesses, not-for-profit organizations or individuals age 18 or older. Usage is to be consistent with the Client Path Marketing philosophy and strategy of positively establishing and building relationships.

It is specifically prohibited that DataManager be used for Email SPAM or for any illegal use including but not limited to federal or state do-not-mail or similar communication prohibitions. Enfront reserves the right to suspend, at its sole discretion, the account of any User or Consultant judged to be violating the spirit or intent of this usage.

Any contact lists uploaded to DataManager will be free of viruses, worms, or other harmful content; will comply with Enfront’s anti-SPAM policy; and will be the rightful property of the uploading Participant including compliance with the provisions of any third party list broker.

Participants are responsible for password security and data access protocols, and Enfront bears no responsibility for unintended or unauthorized use of your DataManager account.

Payment, Refunds, Price/Service Changes: Accounts are prepaid for periods of one month or longer. No refunds will be issued for unused portions of prepaid periods.

If contracted maximum number of records is reached, Account can be upgraded to the next higher level.

Enfront reserves the right to alter services, features, and prices at any time. It is understood that changes may impact convenience of usage and may eliminate the ability to execute certain functions.

Risks Regarding Operation: Enfront strives to provide reasonable backup protocols and to assure security of data and bug-free performance; however it is understood that the below negative events may occur from use of DataManager, and that these occurrences could result in loss or corruption of data;execution of marketing communication that reaches unintended parties or fails to reach intended parties, or loss of business or goodwill based on action of competitors or mischief by third parties. Further:

A breach of security could allow information to fall into the hands of a competitor, hacker, or other person intent on harming the interests of Participant.

Software bears an inherent risk of bugs that could cause loss or corruption of data, or execution of flawed marketing programs, i.e. inclusion of unintended recipients and/or exclusion of intended recipients.

Participant during the course of operating the software might take steps having unintended results, despite believing that proper protocols had been followed.

Hardware failures or acts of God may negatively impact data, execution quality, or timeliness of performance.

Waiver of Liability: Participant agrees that Enfront bears no liability for costs or losses of any kind should one or more of these negative possibilities occur. For additional provisions, see General Terms and Conditions.

Support: Technical support is available via email, only. UN cannot assure the ability to provide telephone support.

Additional Relevant Terms and Conditions: Participants are further bound by the Terms of specific Enfront services and the General Terms and Conditions including the introductory page.

Questions or issues related to these Terms should be addressed to Enfront, Inc., 1425 Chase Ct., Carmel, IN 46032.

Perceived inappropriate use of the Enfront Suite may be forwarded to the above address or to abuse@enfront.com, including performance by Consultants, Designers, or Vendors; and business conduct of Users. Enfront will investigate vigorously and contact you after investigation.


These Terms and Conditions presented by:

William G. Corbin, President


1950 E Greyhound Pass, Ste 18-121, Carmel, IN 46033


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