Change of Ownership of Enfront Rights

- Effective 1-30-09, secured all rights to the software and brand names that comprise the Enfront marketing suite. The former owner, UN Communications, Inc., has transferred all rights and obligations to

Resource Partners: Eff. 05-09-09

Suitability of Goods and Services: Vendor attests that all goods and services are of quality and durability, consistent with Participants' expectations; are free and clear of any legal encumbrance including copyright, trademark and patent; are in full compliance with state and federal regulations including but not limited to any issues related to the personal health and safety of users or well-being of their property.

Acceptance of Liability: Vendor accepts full responsibility for any and all damages caused during normal and reasonable use of vendor's product or service, including damages to end users or costs incurred by Enfront related to recompense to Participants or legal costs incurred in the investigation or defense of claims made related to Vendor's products or services.

Messages Quality: Eff. 05-09-09

- Product quality may not meet Participant's desired level, including the possibility of color variations that occur because of equipment or process limitations; and Enfront specifically states that processes are intended to produce "pleasing" color but are not intended for perfect match of colors within products, logos or other art elements.

Change Summary

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Consultant's Active Account, Eff: 08-17-09 Consultant will maintain an Enfront Marketing System account for "use" in self-promotion, demonstration of the System's features, experience in System functionality, and communication with prospective or actual System Users.

[Added to Termination causes]: - Failure to maintain an active Enfront account for the direct use of Consultant; that failure to be indicated by a zero account balance created by failure to replenish the Consultant's "use" account.

Clarification of Suspension, Change in Deactivation Date. Eff 12-21-10. Accounts are suspended when funds balance drops below zero. All activity will cease pending replenishment of funds balance. After 90 days of inactivity, account can be terminated, and all archived content deleted. After 180 days of account inactivity, without regard to funds balance, account can be terminated, all content removed, and funds forfeited with no requirement of refund.