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How to Explore

Begin with reviewing the system’s overall capability, then we’ll work together to dial in on the ways you might put Enfront to work on projects that fit your vision and goals.

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An Opportunity to Provide Exciting New Capability

The ability to reach individuals with multiple output choices is rare. Actionable contact data (our integrated “CRM”) is rare. We are flexible direct-mail providers for tiny (or larger) audiences. Our approach to content makes it simple to adapt messaging to specific audiences. And delivery can be now, or any time in the future. It is flexibility that with a bit of creativity can make you a thought leader.

Focus Areas for Partners (click link to explore) Note: there’s a lot here, but you can dial in quickly to your interest.

Small Business Consulting/CoachingMost small businesses have serious weaknesses in basic communication with key relationships.

Not-for-Profit Communication: Effective donor communication is a literal survival requirement; and there are many other roles.

Sales Team Communication: Effective person-to-person communication and follow-up are vital, often not handled well.

Direct Mail Consulting and Execution: Enfront provides the ability to focus tightly: individuals, small groups, targeted neighborhoods.

Additional Possibilities: Emerging uses

Leadership Communication: Communication "from the top" to employees or other stakeholders is an emerging application.

Event/Project Management and Follow-Up: The system is a self-contained “complete solution,” easy to set-up and execute.

Industry Applications: Enfront can be tailored to almost any industry or communication void. Blend your skill with system capability to develop creative new apps.

    We welcome new ideas and will consider

development partnership.

Avenues of Direct Income

Our partner program is intended to provide meaningful supplemental income. Primary avenues are:

Commissions: A percentage of all activity generated within the Enfront system, software and products. Note the annuity feature of this income.

Consulting: Direct invoicing of your services, both initial system planning and launch and ongoing activities.

Content: Directly invoiced creative charges, often ongoing.

Administration: Execution of specific communication functions on behalf of the client.

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© 2015.  Enfront Inc. is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.

Addressing Major Pain Points for Your Clients

Email Saturation: Because of email overload, alternative media are now a necessity, not a debate. Enfront includes strong alternatives.

Marketplace Noise: There is unprecedented competition for attention. Multiple touches are now necessary, an Enfront specialty.

Infrastructure for Busy People: Without convenient infrastructure, important communication does not happen. Enfront makes contact data "actionable" and integrates convenient communication.

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A Mission Statement Wide and Deep

Enfront empowers person-to-person communication with the individuals or small groups important to success...for relationship building, revenue building or both.

A New Business, or Expanded Opportunity

The goal of success via improved communication is universal, for organizations, sales people or individuals. When you directly contribute to a client’s success, you create a business friend for life. And income continues because Enfront solutions aren’t single projects, rather become part of your clients’ ongoing infrastructure.

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