Enhanced Leadership Communication for

the Executive Director

Volunteer/Staff Engagement, Morale and Loyalty

Another great example of high-side leadership. Individual touches such as Welcome, Thanks for Extra Effort, Recognition of Anniversary of Service, Recognition of Personal Events.

A New Tool for Personal Communication

At-your-fingertips ability to communicate with any individual or group, supporting “high-side-of expectation” communication to those  important to your success: donors, volunteers, board, influencers and other constituencies. Likely does not replace any existing program.

Alternatives to Email When Needed

Email overload is causing read rates and attention span to decrease. When communication is vital, alternatives are necessary. Enfront supports a blend, and the right combination of economy and attention.


Job One: Major Donor Loyalty

You can work at three important levels: (1) Immediate donor appreciation.  (2) Ongoing communication of impact the donor is making possible.  (3) Strong emphasis on teamwork. “We welcome you as a member of our team; we value your ideas and constructive suggestions.”

The Battle for Retention

Competition for major donors is fierce. As this infographic shows, your donor is lost when Memory of Value is allowed to drop below the perceived value of competitive choices. Your multi-part communication strategy strives to reinforce value and enhance the emotion of being part of the team rather than simply funding the team that’s on the playing field..








The NFP Communicator is a focused application of the Enfront Micro-Marketing System.

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A Strong Case Study

The Enfront system was installed in a small non-profit in 2012, after years of neglected donor communication. Donations increased by 67% in a 3-year period, primarily by communicating new energy, stressing the importance of the cause, requesting patience, then communicating progress in highly human terms. Every major donation was also acknowledged personally by the Executive Director.

< We Invite You to Say GO!

Enfront is offering a zero cost start-up package, so a GO decision is fairly simple!  Feel free to contact us directly with questions. Here’s to the road ahead!

Serious Technology and Innovation

On-line, on-demand. A built in Contact Manager puts communication a click away. Output choices: postcards, letters, email and 3D mail. All production and distribution are handled for you.

Minimum order quantity: One!

Information for Engagement, Leadership

Multiple communication vehicles made simple. The key to Memory of Value for donors, and high-side-of-expectation communication to board, volunteers, staff, individual donors and other stakeholders.


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Event Management

The Enfront range of communication choices is ideal for invitations, pre-event “encouragement” to those not yet committed, then post-event follow-up including immediate feedback, appreciation, even pre-notification of the “next annual.”

Note: The Enfront system supports multiple campaigns, allowing intense focus on major donors and high-potential prospective donors.

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