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Communication to those Important to Your Success

Simple, Effective, Affordable

Marketing Dollars Cannot be Better Spent

The insurance aspect is important, of course. Studies show that earning new business through existing relationships is 5-7 times less expensive than earning revenue via the Stranger-Prospect-Client funnel. And serving existing clients is vastly more efficient than serving newbies.

Phenomenal Ease of Prep and Production

Unless infrastructure is convenient, good communication ideas land on the back burner. The online Enfront Micro-Marketing system makes the process simple, no artistic skill required.† No production to coordinate.

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What is a Mini-Newsletter?

- A regular communication to your key relationships: important clients, high-potential prospects, influencers and other stakeholders.

- Mini because itís compact, ideal for a noisy world with increasingly short attention spans.

- A physical product, assuring a level of attention that email is no longer able to provide. (May co-exist with email touches)† Preview samples

Additional Revenue, Earned Efficiently

- The mini-newsletter can be an element in sales follow-up with high potential prospects.

- It can lead directly to the fruits of client loyalty: up-sell, cross-sell and referral gathering, sometimes by announcement of products and events, sometimes by simple reminders of your capabilities and value.



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Why is it Important?

Consistent contact is a cornerstone of loyalty, and loyalty is directly related to long-term success. Viewed defensively: two-thirds of client loss result from neglect, not dissatisfaction. An investment in client engagement is much like buying insurance, protecting a valued asset from theft by competitors.